Muse is a boutique Pilates studio, specialising in small group reformer Pilates and offering a range of classes to suit every mood, style and fitness level – everyone is welcome here.

Our focus is making fitness fun and fear-free. You won’t find any humourless instructors giving you judgy eyes because you choose to follow up your sweaty sesh with a wedge of brie, and there’s no expectation that you’ll flog yourself on the reformer in the quest for a better Instagram bikini shot (unless that’s your jam, in which case, our intermediate classes will give you the challenge you need to unleash your six pack).

We’re all about feeding your soul as much as sculpting your muscles.

We want Muse to be your happy place, where you come to connect with people, as much as to sweat. So, on top of our normal classes, we also offer a range of a-Muse-ments to help you stretch your social muscles (or just escape the kids for an evening!), including a monthly book club and a monthly cheese and wine night. See you there!

what is pilates?

Pilates practice is focused on strength, flexibility and balance, using slow, controlled exercises that activate the core and improve alignment. In short, it looks easy, but burns like a mofo.

Dynamic Pilates turns up the volume on traditional Pilates by introducing an element of cardio, using the same controlled movements, but keeping them continuous for a faster flow. This keeps the heart rate high and results in a more effective workout for you.

We pride ourselves on being new age reformer Pilates specialists, going beyond the textbook moves and encouraging our instructors to bring their own personality and specialised skills to your workout, meaning more of a challenge for you – and more fun!

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