Client testimonial – LauRA B

Here, our client Laura talks about how doing regular reformer Pilates classes at Muse Pilates Studio has made a significant difference to her back pain and digestive issues: 

“Since I started practicing at Muse Pilates Studio, I’m just a new person. I used to have lower back problems and definitely feel stronger especially in the mornings when I wake up, I’m not sore anymore just well rested.

I also think it’s helping to improve my digestive system. I used to take fibre supplements everyday and now I have stopped and everything is moving along just great! 

Thank you Muse Pilates Studio!”

– Laura B

If you live in Dulwich Hill, Earlwood, Petersham, Marrickville, Stanmore, Summer Hill, Ashfield, Hurlstone Park, Ashbury, Bexley or surrounds, come and enjoy a reformer Pilates class at our oh-so LUXE and oh-so friendly Inner West reformer Pilates Studio > MUSE PILATES STUDIO in Dulwich Hill, Sydney.

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