Franchise Opportunities with Muse Pilates Studio

If you’ve ever stepped into a Muse Pilates Studio, you’ll know that Muse is more than just a fitness studio, it’s an inclusive and welcoming community loved by thousands of clients.

At Muse, our motto is that we make training fun! While we are serious about reformer (because, well, it’s the best), we don’t take ourselves too seriously. At Muse, there’s no judgement, but plenty of laughs and a range of classes to support happier, fitter clients.

We want to support your dream of owning your own studio and controlling your future and your income by using our proven business model.

Own your own Muse

Muse Pilates Studio is seeking passionate individuals who are eager to build a business with a penchant for good times, good people and of course, good Pilates. At Muse, we strive to offer a luxury, state of the art studio experience that’s light on judgement and heavy on fun – no stereotypes here!

Have you always wanted to have your own business, with flexible hours, incredible support and still be able to live your best life? We’ve got you.

As a Franchise Partner at Muse, we will help you live life doing something you love, alongside achieving your business goals. With a dream support team, proven systems and innovative marketing, you don’t have to be a business expert or fitness fanatic to achieve great things with Muse.

Since opening in 2019, Muse Pilates has opened numerous studios in and around the Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra areas and we are still growing. We are now excited to offer you the unique opportunity of owning your own slice of Muse magic.


Allana Frisken

Allana lives by the motto “F%*#! Perfection, just be the best version of you!”.

The founder and CEO of Muse Pilates Studios embodies all things the brand stands for: wellness, friendliness and generosity. She is passionate about both building and surrounding herself with a community of like-minded people and celebrating their successes together.

Allana wants to support others to bring their dream of running their own successful business to life!

Meet Allana Frisken

Founder and CEO of Muse

Allana founded Muse in 2019 because she wanted to make reformer Pilates fun and accessible. She wanted everyone to feel comfortable in their bodies and empowered by their workouts. Allana has turned one studio into eight (soon to be eleven) studios in a matter of three short years. She has created a proven business model and wants to share her success with you.

Allana is committed to making sure that every client feels welcome and comfortable in her studios, regardless of their body type or fitness level. She wants her studios to be a safe space where clients can get an excellent workout without worrying about feeling judged or uncomfortable, so that they can bounce out feeling better than they did when they walked in!

Feel like you can get on board with everything Allana is about?

Our Approach

At Muse Pilates Studio, we believe in fitness that’s empowering. We believe that you don’t need to look a certain way to work out—and we’re open to clients of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, and experience levels.

We’re serious about Pilates but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We want clients to come for the kickass workout then stay for the amazing community of warm, welcoming like-minded Pilates-goers who make Muse the special place it is.

Our Classes

We want to make Reformer accessible to everybody with the majority of our classes open level. Offering intimate classes, our instructors are able to focus on individual needs with modifications, not restricting the times our clients can attend the classes.

  • Open Level Reformer
  • Jumpboard
  • Stretch & Release
  • Power Ring
  • Mum & Bubs
  • Private or Duets

Our Studios

At Muse Pilates, we are passionate about helping clients get the most out of your Pilates workout. We believe that Pilates is the perfect antidote to a stressful world, and that it can be so

much more than just an exercise class. That’s why we’ve designed our studio to be a place where clients can unwind from the pressures of daily life and find inner peace as they work towards improving their physical health.

Our studio interiors are a warm inviting space of calming natural aesthetic, with state of the art reformer beds to offer the best possible Pilates experience. Our instructors are highly trained, professional and friendly and have been hand-picked for their passion for their craft and their dedication to providing an exceptional service. They motivate clients through each session, ensuring that clients time at Muse is both enjoyable and beneficial to their body and mind. Muse provides knowledgeable instructors who work with clients to help them achieve their goals faster than ever before.

Ongoing Training & Support

We know the importance of on-going training when running a small business. We believe continued education and professional development are an important part of Team Muse.

By joining our Muse community, you will have access to on-going instructor development skills facilitated by our highly qualified operations team. We know how to support you every step of the way as you establish and grow your very own Muse Pilates Studio.

What does the process look like?

  1. Expression of Interest form.

  2. You will receive a call and will be provided with more information to complete your formal application.

  3. We will send you the formal application and you are issued with a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  4. You will be prompted to submit a $2000 fully refundable deposit.

  5. We then issue you with our New Franchise Pack to allow you to assess if a Muse Franchise is right for you.

  6. Reference check (one personal, one professional).

  7. Time to get started opening your franchise!



Email us today to express your interest in owing your own reformer Pilates studio and we will be in touch.

Expression of Interest


No, you don’t. But some business experience will help you, and you will need excellent customer service. We can help you with the rest. We will supply you with all of the tools, systems and processes to assist you in reaching your business goals.
Yes, a $2000 application deposit is required. This deposit is fully refundable at any stage in your recruitment process. The application deposit is not included in the purchase price of your studio. However, once approved as a Muse Pilates Studio franchise partner, your deposit will go towards the legal costs incurred with the creation of your franchise documentation.

Once we receive your expression of interest form and have a chat to you over the phone you will receive a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Following the execution of this agreement, we will provide you with a planning guide and economic model to assist with your preparation of a business plan. There are a number of factors in owning a Muse Franchise, which means we are unable to provide exact figures, but our economic model and guide will provide you with all of the information for forecasting. It is essential that prospective frachisee’s seek independent financial advice and produce thier own forecasting and business planning.

Franchisees are required to find the location of their studio. However, our team will provide guidance with finding your site, as well as advice on lease negations and proposals.

We have a all-inclusive training program in place for all new franchisees. You will receive training on studio operations and day-to-day running of the business along with a comprehensive guide and ongoing support. You will feel confident to run your new studio and have well-rounded understanding of the business after working closely with our dedicated team.

All members of staff that will be working in the studio as instructors must have reformer Pilates certification. We can put you in contact with our recommended course providers.

It is important for you to understand that every franchise candidate’s journey through the application process is different as there are always many variables at play. It is our promise to operate transparently so that you understand where your application stands at all times.

Yes, you will need to hold either Permanent Australian Residency or be an Australian Citizen to purchase a Muse Pilates Franchise.

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