Pilates for weighT LIFTERS

Pilates is known to make you feel longer, leaner, and stronger. For those who usually love doing more intense workouts, we totally understand the appeal of lifting weights. Pilates, though is a great additional workout for weight lifters and here’s why…

1.     You build a strong core and gain power  

Pilates builds a solid foundation through alignment and core strengthening, which you totally need when doing powerful movements like weight lifting. It’s pretty common that weightlifters develop those superficial muscles that you can see at the beach, but it is really important that they have a strong core to protect their spine. When those deep internal core muscles are strong, your limbs have a stable base and its easier to gain power while protecting yourself from injury.

2.     Intense physical movements are balanced with intentional and precise ones

Weight lifting is a great way to increase strength and increases the bulk of your muscles. The focus is on concentric contractions and this shortens the muscles fibres. When you do Pilates and use lighter weights, you are you strengthening muscles in a full range of motion the focus is on eccentric contractions and leaves your muscles feeling elongated. This is where the “LONG” comes from when we talk about getting those long, lean Pilates muscles. So what we are saying is that you can build strength but without bulk!  

3.     Improved posture

With these intentional and precise movements we were talking about above, as well as a focus on alignment, we can also work on improving our posture. Everyone in this modern age tends to have that rounded posture we get from being on computers too often and slumped while watching TV (Netflix anyone?!). Weight lifters suffer even more so from this rounding forward or a hunch of the back because of tight chest muscles, combined with weak upper back muscles. There are so many amazing exercises we do in Pilates and on the reformer to help with perfecting our posture, such as long box prone series; swan, breaststroke arms, freestyle arms and rowing. 

Come and join a Muse Pilates Studio class today, we are a fun and friendly boutique reformer Pilates studio in Sydney’s Inner West. 

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