What are Health Sabotages?

It’s very hard to know where you are going wrong if you don’t know what’s actually going on with your health & wellbeing.

We all have unconscious beliefs and behaviours around our health that are sabotaging our efforts to achieve our health goals. These sabotages will follow you throughout your health journey and your life and the only way to get past them is to learn to understand your unique health sabotages.

You may be thinking ”why on earth do we do this?!”

Our unconscious mind aims for self-protection and preservation at all times. If we do something out of our comfort zone (even if we know it’s exactly what we need to be doing to achieve our goals), our unconscious beliefs and behaviours can take over as sabotages.

So how do you find out what your health sabotages are? Make a list of anything that gets in your way of being the healthiest and happiest version of you and be completely honest with yourself. Some common examples are:  

  • Always putting other people first
  • Constantly going to bed too late, even when it makes you feel sick or exhausted
  • When you feel stressed you eat food that you know will make you feel like crap afterwards
  • You always forget to book regular appointments for yourself like getting your hair cut/eyebrows done
  • You take on all of the housework and household admin when all or some of it could be shared
  • You set unreasonable goals for yourself and then get disheartened and quit altogether when you can’t reach them
  • You don’t have time to exercise or you make excuses not to exercise

Remember, everyone has sabotages! Even that person who you think has it all together and is perfect in your eyes. They have sabotages too! The important thing is to identify yours and be vigilant so that when you start sabotaging your health with these behaviours you are aware of them and can do something about it.

Now that you have identified what your sabotages are, what plans can you put into place to stop these sabotaging behaviours from happening or to lessen the likelihood of them happening? For example, if you have identified that you put everyone else’s needs before yours all of the time, how can you put yourself first, even just some of the time?

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