What is pilates?

We aren’t here to bore you with Joseph Pilates’ biography, if you are interested in what this super cool human did throughout his life please do some Google-ing. There are a lot of results which will tell you about his journey and how he came to create the Pilates system (Thank you Mr Pilates!!).

Pilates is a low-impact series of exercises that improves physical strength, flexibility and posture. It is hailed for targeting those hard-to-find but oh so important little muscle groups that we tend to forget about. It also reduces the risk of injury by focusing on improving spinal mobility and strength.

There are a lot of different styles of Pilates taught these days, some old school, some new school. The more contemporary styles have built on what Joseph Pilates created by taking into account modern sports science findings. The Muse Pilates style is new school Pilates!

The most important thing you can understand on your Pilates journey is that it is not about how many reps you can do or how much resistance you add or your range, it’s about slow and controlled movements that are right for your body.

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